How to Support New Endeavors by Women, by Steven Trowern

New Endeavors by Women (NEW) is a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., that helps homeless women and children get off the streets and offers them support, training, and resources so that they can proactively seek a better life and a higher standard of living. If you are interested in getting involved, one of the best ways to help this organization is by offering a contribution or making a donation. You can easily donate money online; any little bit will help. NEW also welcomes donations of cell phones, both old and new, which are used to sustain five housing programs that support 200 women and children. The organization also needs household items, which it gives to women in new living arrangements. You can visit the website at to see a list of the most needed items.

If you would prefer to actively participate in the nonprofit, NEW also needs volunteers to serve as employment mentors and speakers. These positions require a six-month commitment.

About Steve Trowern: Steven Trowern is a supporter of NEW as well as other charities and nonprofits that assist people in difficult circumstances. Professionally, he works in the financial services industry as a Partner with MCM Capital Partners, LLC.


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