How New Endeavors by Women Makes the World a Better Place By Steve Trowern

Though we live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, the United States has seen a steady increase in the number of people without housing, particularly over the last two decades. Sadly, many of these include women in poverty, more than half of whom were forced to decide between staying in abusive relationships and living on the streets. Even worse, these women often have no other choice but to bring their children with them.

New Endeavors by Women (NEW), a Washington D.C.-based organization, has a vision of healing women’s and children’s lives. By providing housing, promoting employment and education, and cultivating life skills that lead to a better future, NEW has assisted more than 2,000 women to achieve greater independence since the organization was founded in 1988.

The organization’s services help women reunifying with their children, and women who are suffering from HIV, mental illness, and substance abuse. As the need for the organization’s help continues to grow, New Endeavors by Women carries on to help women and children struggling with homelessness to find their true worth. For more information on NEW and how you can help, visit

About the Author:
The father of three young children and married for 12 years, Steve Trowern is a member of NEW. He currently serves Investment Manager and Partner at MCM Capital Partners, LLC, which he co-founded in 2008.


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